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It is evident that since decades thousands of people chose Canada their home and immigrated here with high hopes of settling and growing economically. But coming to Canada and leaving their loved ones back is also difficult .The Government of Canada’s one of the objectives is to reunite their family through Family class sponsorship

Family Sponsorship:

Once the person is Canadian Citizen or Permanent Residence, economically established and have stable income, he/she can sponsor their spouse, Common –Law partner, conjugal partner ,dependent children or adopted children, Parents and grandparents to become permanent resident.

Family Sponsorship:

There is a certain minimum Income must be met by the sponsor.After the family member is sponsored under the Family Class, upon approval can immigrate to Canada and would become Permanent Resident. As a permanent resident, the family members would be able to live, study and work in Canada.

Parents Sponsorship:

At present the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is not accepting applications for parents and grandparents, however, the option of a Super Visa is available.

Spousal Sponsorship:

Any Canadian Permanent Residents and Citizens can sponsor their spouse and/ or dependent children as permanent residents

This category includes:

  • Married spouse
  • Common-law partner – Living together in an exclusive relationship for at least 1 year
  • Conjugal partner – In exclusive relationship, but unable to stay together
  • Biological and Adopted children of the above, if any
  • Biological and Adopted children of the sponsor

The Applications to sponsor Spouse and dependent children are bestowed the highest processing priority. Moreover, economic capability is not mandatory for sponsoring spouses and dependent children.

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