CAN-SUCCESS CANADA CAN-SUCCESS Canada International Inc. is a proudly Canadian company which have worked to understand the clients need and serve them efficiently with utmost care and transparency.

Welcome To Canada


We are proud to share that our dedicated team of members are ready to assist you and your family to settle safely in Canada after landing and fulfilling your dreams of settling in Canada. We help you make Canada your second home.

  • Airport pickup:-One of our team members will meet you at the airport and bring you to any address within the GTA.
  • Temporary Accommodation:- We will help you to book a temporary accommodation for the best rate possible. [ranging from One week to one month duration] within the GTA.
  • Long term Accommodation:-We will help you to find an apartment/basement for long term accommodation.
  • Social Insurance Number:- Assistance in applying for social insurance number.
  • Bank account/ credit card:-Our expertise guidance will help you to open a bank account and credit card account in reputed Bank.
  • Internet/Cell Phone/Home Phone Connections:-we will assist u to get one of the best and cheapest service.
  • Driver’s License: G1,G2 or G : Assistance in applying for driver’s license.
  • Health Card: Real assistance in applying for ontario health card and provide you the location list for the centers.
  • Children’s school education:-Our experienced team will guide you to take school admission for your kids (Public/Catholic/Private).
  • Child Benefits and Tax assistance We will provide you with information on how to apply for child benefits AND OTHERS.
  • Transportation guidance in toronto (GTA)
  • Furniture & bed:-We will guide you to get free furniture and bed for new comers.
  • English Learning: We will help you to attend free English classes for new comers.(LINC Classes)
  • Job search:-We will guide you to register in an employment agency that will provide you all information on how to find employment in Canada.
  • Grocery & stationery:-We will provide you the information with a list of grocery and stationary stores.
  • Vehicle & Insurance:If you are planning to buy car and car insurance, we will help you to get low rate/competitive rate.
  • Home/condo and mortgage: Each person have their own financial situation, We help you to plan to buy new or old detached/condo and about mortgage(finance).
  • Library Membership: We help you to register a free library membership for games/books/Cds etc.
  • Car Rental:-We will assist you to get car rentals in affordable rate.
To know whether you qualify, contact us and our qualified, expert and experienced licensed immigration consultant will help you further.
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