CAN-SUCCESS CANADA CAN-SUCCESS Canada International Inc. is a proudly Canadian company which have worked to understand the clients need and serve them efficiently with utmost care and transparency.

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In our Management team we have RCIC approved, licensed Immigration Consultant, highly experienced Educationist, Counselor, to guide you correctly in every step.

Our Founders Manjura Rehman and Sohail Rehman created Can-Success Canada International Inc. by carefully vetting every member of our company who is trustworthy and work ethically. We build a trustworthy relationship with all our clients. .


Can-Success Canada International Inc. Can be attributed to the exemplary vision of our Chairman. He dreams to pave a pathway for many youth and students to a brighter future and career through education thus supporting them study abroad. The company strongly owes the high success due to his strong principles of ethics and commitment. He is responsible to develop strategies, build relationship with various Colleges and Universities and LOOKS TO local marketing strategies.

Viltoriia Valkovych is a licensed and regulated member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC ID # R 523797) and the Principal Counselor at Can-Success Canada International Inc. who have a rich experience in many possibilities that Canada and its provinces offer for immigration to the best country in the world to live in. She represents her clients through a comprehensive and in-depth assessment process which allows to identify avenues to support client’s roadblocks.

With a strong reputation for the highest quality service, Viktoriia Valkovych have wealth of knowledge to prepare strong applications for numerous families immigrating to Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee, Business Class, Family Sponsorship, and many more. Her passion for Family unification through sponsorship and Wealth of experience in Investor Program, Corporate immigration, Work permit with LMIA, Express Entry, and other immigration services keeps her ahead always. Viktoriia Valkovych is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R523797) (ICCRC)

Manjura Rehman is one of the founder director and CEO with Can-Success Canada International Inc. who have worked and closely assisted ICCRC for past several years in various immigration company with the capacity of International Director and have gain depth of knowledge regarding the immigration process .Before starting this company she has gained experience with other immigration company and career colleges. Her more than 25 years of rich experience with educational sectors and poses the business acumen.

Manjura holds a master’s degree along with degrees in Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education. She Successfully Graduated with Diploma in Immigration Consultant and additionally holds diploma in Social Service Worker from Toronto.

She Had worked in the capacity of Vice Principal and Principal in Schools in India for more than 10 years. Her colleagues and clients commend her for the leadership skills and her winning ways with people.. She has a strong passion to help clients by her involvement with the Community in the capacity of Executive Director in one of the charitable Non-Profit organization. Manjura is responsible for operation, formulating policies and procedure setting long term goals of the company and ensuring smooth functioning of the organization in Canada and International.

Simmi Minhas is an Associate who is an integral part of the team of can-Success Canada International Inc. who have several years of experience in supporting our clients in post landing services. Starting from arranging rental property ( house/apartment)  to buying and purchasing of properties ,opening an account in a  canadian financial institute her expert guidance is commendable. Buying or selling real estate or renting to settle in the initial days of landing in Canada, is a very important decision, probably the largest financial commitment a client will ever make with a lasting impact on their life. Simi’s best knowledge and well supported team of financial and legal experts  helps a client to  enjoy her professional and enthusiastic style of doing business. 

To know whether you qualify, contact us and our qualified, expert and experienced licensed immigration consultant will help you further.
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