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  • Visitor Visa

There are some very basic requirements to apply for Visit Visa. Many individuals under-estimate the complexity of the process to apply for visit visa and believe it is just filling up of the short application and adding the documents. It is myth, please consider some important task which we will be able to do on your behalf;

  • Visitor visa application will be processed through our authorized IRCC portal.
  • Upon the successful uploading of visitor visa application finger printing instruction will be forwarded to you through email.
  • Visitor visa application fee will be processed through credit card in Canada.
  • Upon receiving positive decision passport submission instructions for visa stamping through Visa Application Center will be forwarded to you
  • Please be advised, it is fundamentally important to your success that your application should be processed as per required of standards of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada.

    Your success always depends on understanding Immigration officers mind set. The various things which an Immigration Officers consider several things before they make decision of granting you the visa .An officer will look at these things when you apply:

    • Your ties to your home country
    • The purpose of your visit.
    • Your family and finances.
    • The overall economic and political stability of your home country.
    • An invitation from a Canadian host.

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  • Super Visa

The Canadian governments have taken measures to unite the loved ones. The Super visa is one of such program which falls under family stream which allows both Canadian Citizen and Permanent Residents to sponsor their parent and the grandparents.

Under Visitor Visa usually a person is allowed to stay only 6 months in Canada, however under Super Visa, parents and grandparents those are sponsored obtain visitor status for longer term.

An applicant is allowed to stay in the country without renewal for a period of 2 years at a stretch of time .This visa can also be able to renew for up to 10 years with multiple entry. Understanding the popularity of this program the criteria of the program is set strict by Government of Canada. Hence if any vital detail is missed, it will lead to visa denial. So take help of our expert team to help you.

To know whether you qualify, contact us and our qualified, expert and experienced licensed immigration consultant will help you further.
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